Brow Proof
  • Brow Proof

    Achieve the laminated and fluffy brow look using our ‘BROW PROOF’ Super Hold Brow Glue. This water activated ‘super hold’ formula ensures your hairs stay in place all day/night. You can achieve fuller, fluffier, laminated brows in under 90 seconds.
    How to brow proof: 
    1. Fill your spray bottle up with water.
    2. Spray the spoolie once with water. Start off with one spray first so you don’t over activate the product and it stays as a ‘paste’ type consistency.
    3. Insert the spoolie into the jar and whirl it around for 5-10 seconds. You should see a thick paste on the end of the spoolie. Apply the spoolie to the front of your brows (using pressure) ‘press’ and ‘brush’ your hairs in an upward motion to create fuller, fluffier brows.
    4. To achieve the laminated brow look using your finger press your hairs in the same direction. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure this will ensure your brows are ‘Brow Proof’ and hold in place all day/night.
    What’s inside?
    1 x Brow proof glue (20g)
    1 x Spray bottle
    1 x Spoolie brush
    1 x Silk bag
    Contents comes packaged.